PMP Exam Prep PMP Video lessons and free PMP practice tests
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PMP Exam Prep PMP Video lessons and free PMP practice tests

today in this post lets be educated about PMP exam prepration, PMP video lessons and free PMP practice tests.

A highly regarded and respected certification is PMP.

PMI says “The PMP is the top project management credential, according to CIO magazine, since it attests to your possession of the particular knowledge and expertise that companies value.

Certified PMPs report earning up to 25 percent more than non-certified project management professionals.”

We have a PMP Exam Prep Seminar here — Earn 35 PDUs by completing the entire PMP course.

You must pass the PMP test and receive top-notch training to be successful in your position as a project manager.

Additionally, you should study online in a setting with lots of tasks, videos, and clear explanations from a project management expert.

Joseph Phillips, an author and authority in project management, is the instructor of this course, which offers 35 PDUs.

Numerous project management publications published by McGraw-Hill, the American Management Association, and Dummies Press are written by Joseph.

He holds certifications for Project+, PMP, ITIL, PMI-ACP, and Certified Technical Trainer.

What you will get from this course ?

The 35 hours of project management education are earned by completing all of the course, the assignments, exercises, and quizzes. The Learning Management System tracks your completion of the course; if you complete all the videos, assignments, and interactive sessions, you can claim these hours for your PMP exam application or maintain your PMP certification.

Who this course is for:

  • Project managers who are preparing to PASS their PMI PMP examination
  • Project managers who need 35 contact hours to qualify for the PMP examination — by completing the entire course
  • Project managers who want to pass their PMP exam on the first try
  • People who want 35 PDUs from a PMI Registered Education Provider — by completing the entire course
  • This course is NOT for new project managers
  • This course is NOT for project managers seeking a project management guide

What you’ll learn from this course?

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Now i will introduce a Live lesson video course as i said earlier in the title.

What is PMP Live lessons videos ?

The videos in this course are broken up into individual bite-sized lessons that correspond to each topic of the PMP syllabus to prepare the student for the content in the exam.

The exam covers content from the PMBOK Guide, Agile concepts and workflows, which are all fully explained in this course.

At the end of each section is a practice quiz, and there are more than 250 flash cards for students to test their knowledge.

what is there in video chapters?

1. Lesson 1: Getting Prepared for the PMP Exam

And, there is still much more !! you can check on the course page………………….

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Now Let me present 19 question answers for your PMP exams. this PMP Q&A are assorted and most important so study it well and you can learn a lot ..

1.Interpersonal skills are critical for project managers to enhance the probability of project success. Which of the following is one of the type of project manager’s Interpersonal Skill?



C.Testing skills


2.What type of report is needed for management when a project manager working on Earned Value Management finds CV of -$3,525?

A.Progress report

B.Exception report

C.Forecasting report

D.Trends report

3.When there are multiple people involved in a project, there are bound to be conflicts. Which of the following is one of the general technique for Resolving Conflict?





4.In Time Management, Develop Schedule is the process of analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create the project schedule model. In Develop Schedule process, one of the tool & technique is:

A.Diagramming techniques

B.Modeling techniques

C.Vendor bid analysis

D.Project performance appraisals

5.As a project manager of the quality department you find some parts of cars are frequently made with defects. You decided to discuss this problem with your team by creating a diagram that shows the relationship of all causes that lead to the given situation and identifies major causes and breaks them down into sub-causes and further sub-divisions. What is this diagram known as?


B.Cause and effect diagram

C.Flow chart

D.Check sheets

6.What are the facilities, processes, and procedures used to collect, store, and distribute information between producers and consumers of information in physical or electronic format called?

A.Data management systems

B.Information management systems

C.Statistics management systems


Communication management systems

7.In Initiating phase, you are working on early stage of the development process as the project manager. The power and influence of a project manager is different depending on the organizational structure of the company. Which of the following is NOT one of the type of Organizational Structure?

A.Low Matrix


C.Balanced Matrix


8.While performing the Build or Buy analysis for an application software, which option a project should choose based on the following parameters? In order to build the application, it would require 20 man months of efforts at the rate of $4,200 per man month and other miscellaneous cost of $2,100. However, if you buy the application, it would cost $79,000 and other miscellaneous cost of $1,050.



C.Either build or buy

D.Neither build nor buy

9.Perform Quality Assurance is one of the process in Quality Management. Which one of the following is NOT the input of Perform Quality Assurance process?

A.Quality metrics

B.Quality management plan

C Expert judgment

D. quality control measurements

10.How much of total time approximately would a project manager spend in communication with others for a 10-month long project?

A.9 months

B.10 months

C.5 months

D.1 months

11.The tool to verify a set of required steps is called as ___________.

A.Quality rating

B.Quality control list

C.Quality metric

D.Quality checklist

12.For a project having CPI value of 0.92, and EV value of $172,500, what would be the Actual Cost (AC)?





13.You are the project manager currently in the Planning phase. The output of one process generally becomes an input to another process or is a deliverable of the project, subproject, or project phase. Which one of the following process or entity provides input to Create WBS process?


B.Project Documents

C.Determine Budget

D.Estimate Activity Resources

14.What is the certainty about an estimate of an activity of the duration 45 days with a target of (6σ) 6 sigma?




D.99.73% b

15.For a project network having the activity Pessimistic value

= 12, Most Likely value = 10 and Optimistic value = 8, PERT 3-point estimate would be:





16.The risk management plan describes how the risk process will be performed during the project life cycle. Which of the following is one of the category of Risk?





17.For a project having a budget of $240,000 where 70% of the work has been completed against planned 60% and $160,000 spent so far, Planned Value (PV) would be:





18.You are performing Human Resource Management in a project and working on Manage Project Team process. All of the following are the tools & techniques of Manage Project Team process EXCEPT:

A.Project performance appraisals

B.Procurement documents

C.Conflict management

D.Interpersonal skills

19.Which one of the following projects should a project manager recommend on the basis of (BCR) benefit-to-cost ratio?




D. 71


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