Two Major Documents of Project Management — Project Charter and Project Scope
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The project charter and the project scope are two important papers that makeup project management.

At the beginning of a project, both the project charter and the project scope statement are created.

Throughout the project, they are utilized to determine whether or not the project is headed in the right path.

The creation of a project charter and scope statement is crucial. According to studies, poor planning results in 39% of initiatives failing.

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What is a Project Charter?

One of the most crucial and significant papers for each project is the project charter.

It serves as the project’s initial document and lays the groundwork for its construction.

The project is thoroughly explained, along with the project’s methodology and key stakeholders.

The project is given a project manager, who draughts the project charter. The sponsor owns the project charter, and he gives it his approval.

Each and every project charter requires the approval of project stakeholders.

Following approval, the same will be done for the duration of the project.

Components of Project Charter

The format and contents of the project charter are not standardized, and neither are their requirements.

The format of the project charter varies for different organizations. Here is some of the information that a project charter contains in general.

  • Project Name − Provides the name of the project to find documents from other documents.
  • Project Description − Has a brief description of the project.
  • Project Scope — Explains the high − level scope of the project.
  • Project Stakeholders − Highlights the stakeholders of the project.
  • Business Case − Explains the importance of the project.
  • Objectives − Explains the value proposition of the project.
  • Project Timeline − Has the duration of the project from the start date to the end date.
  • Project Deliverable − It explains the outcome of the project.
  • Project Constraints − Explains the cons faced by the project.
  • Assumptions − Provides the assumptions on the project in its initial stage.

Project Scope

One of the other crucial project documents is the project scope. It marks the project’s perimeter.

Each project team is required to deliver what has been specified and approved in the project scope.

It establishes the framework for a project on which the budget and schedule are being constructed.

When the project’s scope is not clearly stated, the majority of projects fail.

It is crucial for a project manager to outline the project’s scope and obtain stakeholders’ consent.

The scope of a project can fluctuate depending on the demands of the client, shifting business conditions, etc.

The change control board should be contacted and informed of the requested changes.

Any modification to the project’s scope will have an impact on the project’s schedule, cost, quality, risk, communication, staff, etc.

Correctly identifying the modifications is essential because they could have a significant impact on the project’s success.

Defining Project Scope

The first step of the project is defining the project scope, which defines the project scope.

The three basic ways that project scope is specified are through deliverables, functionality & data, and technical structure.

  • Deliverable − Deliverables from both inside and outside the company were covered. The project’s internal deliverables are those that take place there. The project is given to the client based on the external deliverables.
  • Functionality − It is the functional specification, and it makes reference to the project’s functional list.
  • Technical Structure − It offers the structure diagram that, at a higher level, identifies the entire system.

Does a Project Need Both?

It is obvious that there are some similarities between the project charter and project scope in terms of their content and intended audience.

There are no specific guidelines for documenting them, therefore if it seems to preserve both, they can be combined into one.

The clear coverage of the details required for the project and teams is the only issue with combining the project charter and project scope.


For many initiatives, defining the project’s scope is essential since even little mistakes can have disastrous results.

Regardless of the size of the project, the Project Charter establishes a strong basis.

It conveys to its stakeholders exactly what their tasks are and how much work is expected of them.

A strong project charter is necessary for the success of a project because it is employed at the startup and planning phases.

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