What is Certified Hyperledger Expert

Certified Hyperledger Expert

They possess skills in Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and other related Hyperledger technologies.

A Hyperledger Expert may be involved in areas such as developing smart contracts, building consensus mechanisms, integrating Hyperledger with other technologies, and providing technical support to clients.

what is Hyperledger?

It is a project of the Linux Foundation and aims to support the development of blockchain-based distributed ledger systems for various use cases.

Hyperledger provides a set of modular and customizable blockchain frameworks, including Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth, as well as tools, libraries, and APIs for building decentralized applications.

The focus of Hyperledger is to provide a secure, permissioned and scalable blockchain infrastructure for businesses and organisations.

Is Certified Hyperledger Expert certification useful for job ?

Hyperledger is an open-source platform for developing decentralized applications and blockchain systems. Some examples of projects built on the Hyperledger platform include:

  1. Hyperledger Fabric: A permissioned blockchain platform for building and deploying smart contracts and decentralized applications.
  2. Hyperledger Sawtooth: An enterprise blockchain platform for building, deploying, and running distributed ledgers.
  3. Hyperledger Indy: A blockchain platform for decentralized identity management.
  4. Hyperledger Burrow: A permissioned Ethereum virtual machine for smart contract execution.
  5. Hyperledger Iroha: A simple and easy-to-use blockchain platform designed for the financial industry.

These were just a few examples of how the Hyperledger platform can be used to build various blockchain-based solutions across different industries.

The Certified Hyperledger Expert certification will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of Hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries for creating enterprise blockchain-based applications along with their features and use-cases (Hyperledger — Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, Besu, Iroha, Aries, Transact, Ursa, Bevel, Cactus, Caliper, Cello, Firefly and Grid)

Which Modules Included ?

Blockchain — A Quick Overview

Private/Permissioned Blockchain

Hyperledger — Blockchain Technologies for Business

Hyperledger — An Umbrella of Projects

DLT — Hyperledger Fabric

DLT — Hyperledger Sawtooth

DLT — Hyperledger Indy

DLT — Hyperledger Besu

DLT — Hyperledger Iroha

Libraries — Hyperledger Aries

Libraries — Hyperledger Transact

Libraries — Hyperledger Ursa

Tools — Hyperledger Bevel

Tools — Hyperledger Cactus

Tools — Hyperledger Caliper

Tools — Hyperledger Cello

Tools — Hyperledger Firefly

Domain Specific — Hyperledger Grid

Certified Hyperledger Expert- Exam

Recommended Learning Methodology

What are the Certification Benefits?

  • A deep understanding of the Hyperledger ecosystem, including its frameworks, tools, and libraries.
  • In-depth knowledge about both the graduated and incubating projects currently incorporated in the Hyperledger umbrella.
  • Prove your skills as a Certified Hyperledger Expert.

What You Get from Certified Hyperledger Expert ?

  • Blockchain Council Certification
  • Lifetime access to the course content
  • 24*7 Support for all your queries

Top Job Roles

top job roles for Certified Hyperledger Expert

What does Hyperledger Expert do?

Domains where Hyperledger Experts work

  • Supply chain
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Final outcome

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At ITExamtools.com we help IT students and Professionals by providing important info. about latest IT Trends & for selecting various Academic Training courses.